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Creating an Integrated Talent Management System

Through our multi-divisional structure, The Fresh Group is able to meet every talent management system requirement in South Africa.

What is fresh integrated talent management?

South Africa has a very particular set of talent management needs, given our social history and our current governmental pressure to perform in this area. In this country, any organization which does not have an integrated talent plan is creating business risk. Thus the motivation is dualistic - your business will perform better with a plan to maximize your talent performance, and you reduce time and costs associated with people problems by having a strategy in place to manage your talent-related processes.

Getting the best performance from your business requires a comprehensive talent management plan, encompassing recruitment, on-boarding, engagement, development and retention. With an integrated management system linking of these areas, you ensure that the right people enter the business, that they are developed to full performance, and that this talent remains in the business in the long term.

How should a good system work?

A talent management system is required to integrate each of the five stages - encompassing recruitment, on-boarding, engagement, development and retention - so that your people’s experience is seamless and consistent across your employee base. Each step requires a plan, based on specific insights into the needs of your people and your business requirements. No two companies are the same, and a specific talent management strategy is needed to shape your plan of action.

The impact of an effective talent management plan on a business is significant: business performance improves; culture strengthens; relationships grow stronger; and people-related problems become fewer. Additionally, bottom-line impacting costs such as excessive recruitment fees and severance payouts are avoided.

The Fresh Group's experience

We have worked with a broad range of businesses in designing their talent management plan. We typically have excellent results. Our approach is highly customized and never replicates a standard approach.

Typical problems

One of the most common pitfalls for businesses is believing they can invest in a quick-fix talent management programme and expect results immediately.

Another common problem is when a company is good at one but not all five key areas of talent management, namely: recruitment; on-boarding; engagement; development; and retention. Similarly, if there is no “golden thread” running through all five of these key areas, talent management cannot be effective. Lack of accountability for talent management within a business is yet another major problem.

How to fix these problems

In order to solve talent management problems, a business must devote sufficient attention and resources to make talent management a viable working process. Leaders must also understand and make clear why talent management is important for the business, and then once the system is in place, need to be highly disciplined about enforcing the processes around it, for example the interview process. Finally, the business must infuse its entire system with energy, life and vigour.

The Fresh Group client's experience

Our clients typically experience a metamorphosis in how their business feels. People show up more alive, better able to manage themselves and generally perform at a higher level. What felt initially like an additional expense line is now a willing investment in this programme. They are known in the market and amongst their competitors for being talent-attracting organisations, and generally have significantly fewer people-related problems.